Quadra Markets Brighten the Short Days

“Local Food Market” said the headline. Sounds intriguing! There’s no shortage of great food on Quadra Island and talented, hard working farmers growing and harvesting all manner of west coast produce. This has got to be worth checking out!

Quadra already has a well established Farmers Market that has been running for over a decade. The Farmers Market has become a fixture on the weekly calendar, running from May until September in Quathiaski Cove on Saturdays. All summer tables overflow with colourful flowers, eye-catching jewellery, delectable chocolates, relaxing massage and so many other island treasures.

The summer market became so successful it naturally branched into a winter version that moves indoors to the Quadra Community Centre. The time and date is the same, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm. No less diverse than its summer counterpart the winter market does however have a special feel to it as the community becomes closer-knit once Labour Day sends kids back to school and the cooler weather slows things down to a nice even pace.

With such an excellent track record of Quadra markets it’s easy to have high expectations, and as it turned out the Local Food Market easily lives up to a high bar.

Right away it’s obvious something special is happening in Heriot Bay. The Local Food Market takes place at the Quadra Legion and everyone knows on such occasions the best goes quickly. So bright and early the parking lot is full and bicycles lean eagerly against the wall below the entrance. A steady stream of people are heading inside but few are coming out!

Adjusting to that uniquely dim light only Legions have, the buzz slowly becomes clear and a welcoming smile peers over a table at the door overflowing with solid, colourful gourds, peppers and root vegetables. A rich steamy aroma wafts out of the corner from the Kosmic Kafeteria. Oh yes, we are going to eat well today!

Circulating around the room each table has something different to offer, Well okay there’s a lot of winter greens but Quadra Island farmers don’t just grow any old kale, there’s colours and flavours you’ve never seen and pretty quickly the bag is overflowing with tasty produce.Image

Happy with the morning’s purchases it’s to the door and back to the weekend plans.

Three days later and there are still scallops, chantrelles, cabbage, crusty bread and spicy peppers making their way in to the evening dinner. Delicious, local delights all from Quadra friends old and new.

The Local Food Market may be off to a great start but once a month might turn out to be a long wait!

For more about Quadra Island visit: www.quadraisland.ca


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About QuadraIsland

Quadra Island is the heart and hub of the Discovery Islands, just a quick ten minute ferry ride across from Campbell River, North Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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